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Barsonic: OMFG! 050610


It’s time of the month again for another OMFG! night! It’s always on the first weekend of the month and i pretty much always look forward to it.

Well, partially because i will always try to give my love and support to the supastardj who is playing. I love love the night of great music that comes with one-for-one drinks!

Buy one drink and you get another for free all night long; it’s such a bargain! If you love to party and drink, OMFG! will be the right place and time to be at. We always go all out during OMFG! nights. Sometimes we’ll go home really drunk too. But i know someone among us who always go home drunk *ahem*


Shots are a must because it’s super value to drink shots on that night. One for one!¬†We’ll either go OD on shots or jugs of long island or ribena vodka. I want my ribena vodka already!

One more thing i like about Saturdays at Barsonic is that i don’t have to do an extreme dress up. It’s the only place where i can let loose a little. No need for a fancy smancy dress or something like that. Whenever i’m feeling lazy i’ll just hop into some jeans or high waist shorts.

Recently i’ve been wearing a lot of jeans and high waist shorts, i think i’m running out of tops to match with them. This shows two things: i’m lazy all the time, and i need to do more shopping :p

Guess who? :o

Anyway, there’s gonna be another OMFG! night this Saturday and i would love it if some of you would come. Club rules apply, of course.

The Facebook event page is over here. You could send in your names for a spot in the guest list at theadbangers@gmail.com, or you could simply email me. I’ll sort you out either way :)

Now here comes the pictures from the previous OMFG! night, which was last month. Hit the jump cause i don’t wanna flood my whole page.

.. Or do i?



Saddening: The Arowana died


Earlier today, something very unfortunate happened. Our fish tank broke. It flooded our whole hall and our Arowana fish went flopping around. Our maid managed to get a hold of the fish and put him in a huge basin filled with water, but he didn’t make it in the end.

By the time i saw him, he was already belly up in the basin.

I have no idea how the aquarium broke. I have no knowledge on how the forces of physics work, and also i was dead asleep when it happened in the morning. Apparently, the dogs were barking loudly and i still remained asleep.

I sent my condolences to my dad over on MSN regarding his fish, and he said that his fish will be blessed to go to heaven. Mum’s going all feng shui detective about the unfortunate event, and said that “good luck will come after bad luck”.

Ah Jie who is over at Singapore on the other hand, LOLed for a bit and wondered what we’re gonna do with our dead fish. Eat it?

No!! -_-;;

Dad came home during his lunch break just to bury his fish. And he asked me to attend the burial ceremony. He also said, “Do you wanna take a picture?”

.. Why not? *runs upstairs to fetch camera*






Even Ewoks knows that today is a sad day. He sat in front of the empty aquarium and stared at it for a bit.

Now my dad needs a new pet. He lost his beloved Star Tortoise once. It has its own cage outside that’s why it got stolen. And now, his dear Arowana went to heaven. We had that fish for almost 10 years already. I used to feed it crickets and such.

Oh well.. RIP, Arowana.