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Pretty: Colorsbead

Here comes the return of the little goodness!

Dear Joey has started her own little business and it would be cool if you guys could help her out. This young lady is offering customizable accessories like bracelets and keychains through her blogshop Colorsbead.

As far as i know, the accessories that Joey offers are different from the rest out there cause i haven’t seen any like hers before. Or i could just be outdated. Anyway, they look a little something like this:


Pretty ain’t it?

I gotta admit, i kinda like how shiny the whole thing looks. And there’s more where that came from. Joey has all kinds of beads ranging from types and colours. Here’s to name a few

Glass beads

Metal beads

Enamel beads

Stone beads

I grew a liking for the metal and stone beads. Both of them are my favourite. They look very pretty and they go well together. Mmm.. shiny!

Oh, and not forgetting the type of chains that Joey uses for the accessories. They look sleek and shiny too. The clasp for the bracelet is also easier to manage compared to charm bracelets.


I’ve been told that the Colorsbead promotion has been extended until end of July. 10% off your total amount when you purchase from Colorsbead! So why not, eh?

There’s too many designs to choose from to be shown here so hop on over to the Colorsbead site and check out it for yourself. Oh, you can also check out the Facebook page :)

Let’s show some love!

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Bass Agents presents BAXX FM


The BA boys have finally reached 6000 fans and counting on Facebook! And as a treat, they released a new mixtape titled BAXX FM.

I’m proud to say that i got to hear this mix during our little road trip couple weeks back. It was such an honour to hear it before it was released. I love the mix and i’m so glad that it’s out for download now. More hard tunes for everybody!

Listen to it here and if you like it you can download it here :)