Daily Archives: July 5, 2010

Monday Noms: Decanter


Time flies like crazy! I’m already on my second week of my holidays and i’m starting to worry already. I’m so greedy; one month isn’t enough for me! I WANT MORE!

Anyways, i’m glad that i got to spend the day with the p today. It’s like another Sunday. Eat, go home, and watch some DVDs.

But but! The eating part is always a problem because..

One, we always have problems making up our mind on where to eat unless we have cravings and two, we always end up rolling home cause we get too full after eating -_-;;

Today we went to Decanter at Section 17; it was my first time there. I also don’t know how to get back there cause i wasn’t paying attention to the directions during our journey there. Fail.

Sorry peeper, can’t bring you all there :(

The iPhone effect. Hmpf

Me, looking very messy and stressed out for no reason :o

Wild mushroom soup

Caesar sah-lard plus salmon


Hainanese chicken chop

Shepard’s pie


Minutes later.. looking pitiful cause i cannot finish my food

Ended up taking it away

That was a whole lot of meat!

Anyways, the food at Decanter were decent. I quite love the wild mushroom soup, it was very tasty. The Hainanese chicken chop is good too; it’s their signature dish. And my first thought on that dish would be just like the Hainanese chicken rice.. just without rice. Get it? :o

Will definitely go back there again and slow down on the starters and main course to leave room for dessert.

.. Eh i’m not trying to sound all food reviewer-ish okay i’m just sharing! *shifty eyes*

I’ll be back soon with more to share! :)