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Zzz: Hennessy Artistry


Ah so here comes the super delayed post for Hennessy Artistry which was like a couple of months ago. May, to be exact.

The event was held at Zouk’s main room, and the supastardj was playing for that night. As usual the place was jammed packed, which lead me into feeling really disappointed bout the event.

The only reason we went to Zouk that night was to support him. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t even be there. And i like my personal space, you see. I didn’t find it fun to be rubbing shoulders and butts with other people in the club.

Not to mentioned i got man-handled. This dumbfuck who was “guarding” the VIP area grabbed my arm rudely when i tried to enter, in which he shouldn’t have because i had a Hennessy Artistry artist tag! I’m allowed anywhere!! *throws a fit*


Ugh.. thinking bout it making me angry again. Plus, it was so crowded that i couldn’t even take decent pictures. In the end i just gave up.

It’s such a waste that i wore my pretty dress to this event. It’s from Supre; exclusively available online. Mmmpff..

Nothing fancy about being pushed around in the club and then watching silly people get drunk and wasted, puking all over the place and being dragged out cause they’re too wasted to walk. Ain’t gonna attend any HA events anymore. Unless it’s held at some super huge place like Bukit Kiara then i might consider.. or will i?

Oh my, so much anger!

Hit the jump for pictures *diverts attention*



My New iPhone wallpaper


Pac pac pac pac pac.. *sound that Paccy makes while chomping*

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