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P Cooks

Finally i have time to sit and edit some pictures. These set of pictures have been waiting in my Photoshop for days.

One thing i love bout my Mac is that i can leave all my windows open as it is and close the laptop whenever i go out. And when i get home and open up my laptop again, it resumes back to its previous state with all my windows as it was. Very quickly and smoothly too, mmm.. me likes.

Okay so this was one of the days that the p decides to cook. He’s always the one who cooks. Well, he likes to cook and i.. err.. like to sit and wait for food! Perfect!

Menu of the day – Aglio e Olio and roasted chicken.








I’m always stuffed whenever i have my meals with him. Belly so full that it makes happy singing sounds when you rub it, i quote from Terence C.

Hmm.. since he’s always the one who cooks (including my maggie mee requests) and i’m always shaking my legs and prancing around when he cooks, i should cook something in return for him right. Any suggestions?

Nothing too complicated, okay! My goodness, the only stuff i made so far is like mashed potatoes and club sandwiches *facepalm*

Drop your suggestions and ideas in the comment box, please! :D


Katy Perry: California Girls

One of my favourite videos. Loving the gummi bears and whipped cream scene. All the colours and props are so visually stimulating! Oh and i’ve been watching a whole lot of California Girls videos lately; parodies and stuff like that. Will post up the others some time later :)

p/s: For some reasons, the video is mirrored :S

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