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Sommerset: Nails & Waxing

It’s great to have a busy day. Well, not the crazy busy until i wanna die kind.. but more of a productive kinda busy.

I’m pretty sure i won’t be rotting at home so often anymore since i’ve joined gym. That’ll keep me occupied. Besides, staying at home for too long gives me a headache some times.

But since i already visited the gym on Thursday, i decided to do something else for Friday. And from here onwards is dedicated to the ladies.

I went for a bikini waxing session at Sommerset, Bangsar.


There are many styles of bikini waxing, but the most popular styles of bikini waxing we have here in KL is the Brazilian and Hollywood wax.

Now there’s a huge debate and confusion going on about the proper terms of Brazilian and Hollywood wax. Even i myself got it wrong at first until Kel Li explained them to me.

A Brazilian wax leaves a vertical strip of hair at the pelvic area while the Hollywood wax is the removal of everything. The common term used in waxing salons would be “all off”. It’s more or less like that, i guess.

There’s also a more subtle style, which is the simple bikini wax; it removes just the sides. Basically it’s just a simple wax to ensure nothing crawls out from the sides of your swimwear *cough*

In my opinion, this is one thing all girls must try at a certain point of their lives. Plus, it’s also a part of self-grooming.


Well, i’ve been doing bikini waxing for about a year now. I’m not gonna lie and say that it doesn’t hurt; IT DOES. Even more it’s at the wrong time like a few days before period, that’s when all the hormones are raging. It makes the skin more sensitive.

But the good news is that with regular waxing sessions, the pain reduces as your skin gets used to it.

So far i’ve been to a couple of waxing salons. I have pictures from another waxing salon which i took some time ago, but it’s in the old computer and the picture quality is just so so. But if you ladies are interested, let me know and i’ll do a write up :)

So anyway, i decided to give Sommerset a try because they were having a promotion for bikini waxing. A Brazilian or Hollywood for just RM 49. Now i’m not too sure whether this promo is for first timers in Sommerset or something. I forgot, sorry! *facepalm*

Anyway, the average price for a waxing session would be around RM 90 – 120 or so, depending on which waxing salon.


Sommerset also does nails and they’re having a promotion of RM 59 for manicure and pedicure. I rarely do mani&pedis, so i can’t really compare prices.

I would have had my nails done, but i just had to break one of them the day before. So i thought it wasn’t really worth it to get my ugly nails done.

I was greeted by a staff as soon as i entered Sommerset. She waited for me at the top of the stairs and asked whether have i made an appointment; i have. She was quite friendly; service with a smile. Good.

Sommerset looks like a decent place. It’s bright with natural light and the place looks very comfortable too.

My waxing therapist was busy when i arrived, so i had some extra time to spare. I took some pictures of the place (with permission, of course) while waiting. Wait, actually i took quite a lot of pictures while waiting LOL! *facepalm*

Reception counter on the left; manicure section on the right


Literally a pile of magazines

Pretty displays at the counter

Waxing rooms


Pretty colours; vibrants in front and neutrals behind

The fancier OPIs



The pedicure area; note the super comfortable chairs


Best sellers; RM 139 for hair growth cream and RM 109 for ingrown hair cream

After a while, it was finally my turn. My waxing therapist for the day was Ailene. I suppose we’ll call her Lene because her name card says so.

We had some small talk while Lene showed me to my room. The usual stuff like is it my first time doing bikini waxing and such.

When i got to the room, she gave me a wet tissue to clean my vajayjay. She then left the room as i “undressed” and did my business. Cleaned myself up, threw the wet tissue into the bin, hopped onto the bed and covered my bottom half with the towel provided. Standard procedure.

I’m just saying just in case some of you haven’t done it before *shifty eyes*


What happens after is all up to you to find out and experience :)

A little advice from me would be if it’s your first time, go for the hard wax.

Soft wax is the type of wax where they apply the wax onto your skin and put some kind of paper strip on top of the wax, and then *STRIP!*

As for hard wax, hot wax is applied onto the skin and when it dries, the wax itself will be *STRIPPED!*

Apparently the hard wax hurts less. I went for the hard wax, but there was an additional charge of RM 27. The total for my session was RM 76. The price is still good compared to other places! The RM 49 promo uses both soft and hard wax.

Sommerset uses olive oil soft wax and strawberry hard wax, mmm..

Oh and don’t wear tight clothing when you go for bikini waxing. Opt for a skirt or something. Sommerset also does other waxing services; legs, underarms and etc.

And if waxing is not your thing, you can always go to Sommerset for a manicure and pedicure session. After all they are having a promo, so why not?

Sommerset details below




And I Look Like a…




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