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Must Watch!: Despicable Me


Another good animated film added into my favourites!

I love animated films with a sense of humor, and Despicable Me is definitely labeled as my type. Honestly, i wasn’t too sure about it when i saw the trailer a long time ago at the cinema. But since everyone was raving about it on Twitter, i figured it was worth giving it a try.

And i say, i like it more than Toy Story 3!

I’m so glad that we got to watch it last Sunday. It was down to Inception or Despicable Me, but we could only make it for Despicable Me. So.. score!

We’ve been watching some serious movies lately (like Bruce Lee movies!) and i guess it’s good to watch something else for a change.

Despicable Me is very entertaining. The characters are one of a kind too; love them. Even more so when i discovered the voice behind the characters.

The main character Gru is voiced by Steven Carell a.k.a Evan Almighty

Gru’s mother is voiced by Julie Andrews

The minions are mostly voiced by the same guy

And also Russel Brand as the voice of the other old fat in the movie. Didn’t manage to find a picture of that guy, but you can see him in the movie trailer.

Everyone wants a minion, by the way. Requests for minions is all over the net! I wouldn’t mind having one or two minions myself too. They can help fetch me things and give me back massages. Oh and probably steal expensive things too cause after all, they are evil minions!

Oh and i almost forgot the three little girls in the movie. Ah you’ll find out more about them when you watch the movie for yourselves :)

One last thing i love about Despicable Me is the musical score.


Pharrell made it!

I love the song Despicable Me, they played it at the beginning of the movie when Gru made his first appearance. I noticed the song at the beginning because it has a very nice tune to it; some what ghetto.

I was surprised but not surprised surprised when i saw Pharrell’s name at the credits.

The movie is very nice. There was not one part where i felt bored like crickets making noise those kind. Go watch it if you haven’t already!

Here’s the trailer for Despicable Me. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i did :)


Mike Posner: Cooler Than Me

Totally loving this song. Make more of these, Mike!

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