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A Good Song


Yep, that happens to me too.



Christina Aguilera: Bionic album

A couple of weeks ago, i went down to the Sony Music Malaysia office to pick up the CD that i’ve been waiting for – Christina Aguilera’s latest album, Bionic.

This is the first time i have taken further interest in Christina, to be honest. It must be her music video for Not Myself Tonight. Amazing how a music video can add so much feel to a song.

Anyways, it’s always good to venture something new. In my case it would be Christina’s new album. And it’s such pleasure to receive the deluxe edition of Bionic!

The album has 18 tracks with additional 5 bonus tracks, which is a total of 23 tracks.






The cover for the deluxe edition is so fascinating. I like to slowly turn it back and forth to watch the cover change into Bionic. It’s a very clever idea, me likes.

What i like even more is the whole bunch of eye candies in the album booklet. They’re sooo pretty to look at. I flipped through it and read the lyrics as i listened to the album. It adds some feel to the music, haha!





The songs in the first half of the album are pretty much upbeat with songs. Bionic, Not Myself Tonight, and Woohoo are the few popular ones, which Christina performed at the MTV 2010 Movie Awards.

There’s a couple of sexual songs to like Desnudate and Sex for Breakfast. These songs are very suitable for err.. you know, whatever that goes on in the bedroom *cough*

Of course there are other non-sexual tracks too like Glam and Prima Donna. Very diva-like songs, the kind of music i imagine while dolling up for a night out.

The album then slows down around the second half of the album.



I’m not too sure on how to describe the songs in the second half of the album. Well, i guess they’re the ballad type. Think piano and emotional lyrics.

To be honest, i don’t do sentimental and emotional songs. But i gotta admit that the words to her songs are very meaningful. It’s nothing too deep, and i’m sure some people can relate to one or two of her songs from the second half of her album.

I definitely recommend I Am and You Lost Me.

These two have very beautiful words. Jason sent me a video link for Christina’s performance in American Idol way before i got this album; she sang You Lost Me. It’s such a sad song!

Here’s a video of another performance she did for You Lost Me.

It’s so full of emotions that it scares me, really.

The album then picks up again with some more upbeat tracks like I Hate Boys, My Girls, and Vanity. I love them all! Super fun songs to listen to.

And as for her bonus tracks, i’m pretty glad that i got to listen to them. I found one of my favourites, Monday Morning. It’s sort of like a chillaxed song; very suitable for driving. And i meant chill out driving, not fast and furious driving.

And that’s Christina Aguilera’s Bionic for you!

I really appreciate the album. Christina wrote almost all of the songs in it and they’re amazing. Not to mention the packaging is very well done. And i LOVE her make up for Bionic to death!

The songs in this album are all very different. I would say it’s an acquired taste to favour this album because it’s like all rojaked up.

I personally would give it a 7/10.

Well, roughly cause i’m not very good with ratings. But bottom line is that i do like the album. Can’t wait to share it with Jason cause i know he’ll appreciate it too :)

Btw, i apologize for not being able to write a super detailed review of her album. It’s obviously not my forte, but i am trying to work on it.

And i really have to thank Sony Music because i’m so blessed to receive this album from them! Much love :)