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Waiting for my date. We’re going for drinks :)


OPI Nail Lacquer: Elephantastic Pink

Here’s a swatch of the O.P.I nail lacquer in Elephantastic Pink. It’s from the India collection. My first bold-coloured pink :)

Please note that this is only one application. I didn’t want to apply a second coat cause i’m lazy and i didn’t want the colour to be too solid. Perfect!

Without flash

With flash


Seriously?: Tekken the Movie


I was quite excited when i found out that the video game Tekken is going to be made into a movie. I looove Tekken.

It’s one of my favourite games during my Playstation days (and still is) along side Final Fantasy. Though i seldom touch the console nowadays, i still fancy a round of Tekken once in a while. It’s my favourite fighting game.

I love the characters in Tekken. For some reasons, i always stick to using female characters. Maybe it’s the lady in me. I use Nina a lot cause she’s a badass bitch. But sometimes i would also try using other characters like Law or Panda.

Some of their newer characters kick ass too. Especially the chicks!

Panda; not a new character but just showing

Lili; can you say.. UPSKIRT?!

Zafira; totally kicks ass

So imagine how excited i was to find out that one of my favourite games is gonna be made into a movie. I wondered how the characters are gonna be like.

But unfortunately for me, when more details and pictures of the movie were released, my excitement turned into disappointment.

In my opinion, the main highlight of movies that are based on video games are their characters. Casting is extremely important for these kind of movies. Also, the cast should have strong resemblance to the game characters from face structure to down right make up!

You get what i mean?

It was such a downer to find out that some of the characters in the Tekken movie don’t even have the basic look of the original characters in the game.

Compare the following pictures.

Jin and Christie in the movie

Jin from the game

Christie from the game

Am i the only one who noticed it?

Jin is supposed to be ASIAN. And handsome! Not to mention, spiky hair! Apparently this actor is Asian, but he don’t look a thing like a Jin. Plus this Jin in the movie has flat boy-band hair.

You know who would look like a Jin?

Daniel Wu or Edison Chen. They got that face shape but not the body type, i guess. Oh well..

And don’t get me started on Christie. She’s suppose to be Brazilian and TANNED. They should’ve sent this actress for a tanned before filming this movie. I guess the only part they got right is her costume, boobs, and muscular abs.

And from the trailer, Jin and Christie seems to be sending off sparks! Since when they have love connections?! *crushed*

And as for my favourite characters?

Nina and Anna Williams




I just hope that their personalities and fighting moves remain the same in the movie.

Here’s the trailer for Tekken the movie. I refuse to pay to watch this in the cinema. A DVD will do, i guess.