The Weekend with MotoGP 2013

So it’s been almost a month since I’ve started working. I know, this blog is now more dead than ever. I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I thought I would, but still I try. It’s funny because I thought that I’ll still remain to be an energetic and effervesent youngster even after starting work, but the much-needed early bed times and preference to stay in during weekends prove me otherwise. And it’s only been a month!

Two weeks ago, I did something different during the weekend rather than the usual stay-in-bed and watch-TV routine. God, I’m saying it like it’s a big achievement.

Anyway, the MotoGP was in town so we went to Sepang International Circuit to check out the qualifying race that Saturday. Personally, I don’t follow the race. Hoong does. Even so, I didn’t even hesitate when Hoong asked me if I wanted to check out MotoGP that weekend. I don’t know if it’s me, but exciting things are hard to come by nowadays.

Plus, we had the opportunity to chill like VIPs in the Ducati lounge in courtesy of Malboro M-Scape. I guess you could say that it’s nice to go to a fancy event once in a while.




Would you believe that I have nothing red in my wardrobe?

Fortunately for me, the pretty ladies at the M-Scape Lounge handed out red Ducati caps for guests to wear. Since I didn’t have anything red on me, the cap really helped me blend in the crowd.

Fancy sushi platter (thanks for being my hand model, Baby)


Photobombing Hoong and his friend, Adrian, who we sometimes call Indian, who reminds me of Marty of Madgascar. Pls, we’re not racist.




There was a quiz that everyone was trying their luck with. The quiz asks about all things MotoGP and Ducati. The person who ranks #1 in the quiz gets to receive an autographed helmet by the Ducati riders.

See the boys try

And their faces when they got a question wrong

Lucky Adrian received an autographed cap from a lucky draw


I actually had a great time at the M-Scape Lounge. Sure there was an open bar with free flow of drinks like beer and champange, but I can assure you that I did not binge on them. The auntie in me has surpressed the urge to go overboard on alcohol. I opted for excellent company and interesting conversations along with a beer or two instead.

Man, I’m getting old.

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Wicked Festival 2013

This year is truly the year of music festivals. In fact, there’s so many music festivals lately that I can’t even keep track of what’s going on! Sometimes I wouldn’t even know about a certain event until I see people posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram after the event has passed. But then again, it’s not like I would’ve went for it if I knew.

However, there is one music festival that caught my attention.


Happening on the 23rd November 2013, Wicked Festival 2013 is hosted by the guys who brought acts like Steve Aoki, Cosmic Gate and Angger Dimas to Kuala Lumpur in the past. Wicked Entertainment is hosting their first outdoor party ever and they’re starting off with a loud bang. I have to admit, I’m quite impressed with the line-up they have arranged in the event of popping their cherry.

One-third of the famous trio, Swedish House Mafia, Axwell is a legend on his own and he is making an appearance in Kuala Lumpur once again. However, the best has yet to come because Zedd will be playing in Kuala Lumpur for the first time ever in Wicked Festival!

His album, Clarity, was released last year and it has been a permanent addition to my music collection in my iPhone ever since. I’m so happyto know that someone has finally brought Zedd down to KL!


The night will be supported by NO_ID, a duo all the way from Amsterdam that have graced the decks of Tomorrowland, and other local acts.

Tickets are now ready for purchase and you can get them online at TicketPro.

Now here comes the good news.

I will be giving out free tickets to Wicked Festival in the weeks to come.


This week, I will be giving out a pair of tickets worth RM129 each. The terms are simple. All you have to do is share this poster below on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or even blog and leave your details in the comments section on my blog or Instagram, @jamiechin.

I’ll will announce the lucky person who will be receiving two tickets to Wicked Festival 2013 on Friday, 25th October 2013.

WICKED_POSTERfullSimply share this to win free tickets to Wicked Festival 2013 and see Axwell and Zedd live in Malaysia!


Too Cute: Doodle Study by Elda The






Hrnghhhh… my heart. Check the artist out at¬†Thousand Skies.


What’s On My Work Desk


I bet you thought I was consumed by the working life, didn’t you? Well, maybe a little bit but at least I’m blogging now. I’m three weeks into my first job and I think it’s alright to say that I’m adjusting well. After two weeks of knowledge transferring from another colleague, I have officially taken over the wheel and settled down at my permanent spot in the office.

I’ve always been looking forward to the day I start working because I knew that was when I would get to decorate my own work desk. If you’re gonna have a desk job like me, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna want to make it real nice because you’re gonna spend five days a week at the same spot.¬†Although we can’t control the environment and layout of the office, we can always do something about our own personal space.

KVISSLE desk organizer from Ikea

Remember the time I said my mum bought me heaps of stationery?

Well, they were all unnecessary because my office really had everything. I don’t even need that many stationeries because all I really use is a pen, the occasional correction pen for writing mistakes and once-in-a-blue-moon stapler for combining documents. And yes, mum, the office has high-quality Pilot pens as well. With refills.

Lesson to be learnt: Don’t need to be so kan cheong. All you really need on your first day is probably a pen and a notebook. Observe first, then decide what else is needed later.

Mini things on my desk organizer – A Golden State of Mind tiny book/hidden storage from Typo, wooden mini J from Typo and an artificial potted plant from a florist at IPC

Old school notebook for scribbles and random notes from Typo for only RM7. It was on sale :D

Toasted Notes

I bought this long time ago and I’ve been saving it for this day. The mini yellow post-it looks like butter on toast!

Artificial flowers from Kaison (RM2.50) and milk bottle from Typo (RM10)

Another item that I bought a long time ago and been saving until this day – a phone holder that resembles a potted plant

In my drawer – PLUGGIS storage box from Ikea, Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder and The Face Shop oil blotting paper for touch-ups, eye drops for my contacts and Dettel wet wipes

I now know that wearing contacts to work is a bad idea. I found out the hard way. By the end of my second week, it felt as though my eyes were going to fall out from my sockets. I guess coloured contacts are really no good in an air-conditioned space where it’s constantly cold and dry. The harsh fluorescent lights and monitor screens are really taking a toll on me as well.

Lesson to be learnt: Either go with glasses or wear really comfortable normal contact lenses.

In my drawer – INRE tin with lid from Ikea, green tea and corn tea sachets and IKO biscuits

In my drawer – YoGood yogurt coated muesli bars for snack times

Yeap, that’s pretty much everything from work. I’m quite settled right now so I don’t think I will be adding anymore things anytime soon. Any more and it will start to clutter. No pictures of work space as a whole because it’s secret! But feel free to share yours if you like! :D


First Day

Today was my first day at work. Surprisingly, I managed to wake up at six in the morning without snoozing the alarm. I got ready and made my way to my new work place. I still couldn’t believe that I was transitioning into a new phase of my life as I was walking into the building. But that feeling didn’t last very long because it hit me the moment I immersed myself into the environment and saw how my new colleagues got down to business. Serious business.

Anyway, I’m pooped. The traffic was rather kind to me today so I didn’t have to suffer much during the drive home. This was the first thing I did when I got into my room was:

 photo tumblr_m9lo2aDTPy1rolcjao1_500_zps005cf87c.gif

I’m actually working on a blog post about some of the delicious food I ate in Seoul. I’ve been working on it since Sunday and I’m only halfway done. I’m not sure whether am I meticulous when it comes to blogging or am I just lousy at putting words together for a blog post.

Mmm… sleepy.



A perfect example of powerful advertising. I don’t believe i need this product, but after watching this commercial it made me want it and eventually, it lead me to think that i actually need it. I think it would be perfect when there’s a need to drop a deuce at the office. There are over 20 scents for ladies, men and even kids.

Poo~Pourri – it ain’t awesome till it smells like a blossom.

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